You will choose what kind of access control system?

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Home Furnishing access intelligent security system based
Intelligent Home Furnishing is residential as a platform, using the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, intelligent Home Furnishing - a design scheme of the system security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will Home Furnishing life related facilities integrated management system, constructing efficient residential facilities and family day affairs, improve safety, convenience, Home Furnishing comfort, artistic, and realize environmental protection and energy saving residential environment. Among them, the security technology is an essential technology in intelligent Home Furnishing system.
Security technology of all the applications includes: Home Furnishing security system, access control, emergency, smoke detection alarm, gas leakage alarm, broken glass detection and alarm, infrared microwave detection and alarm etc.. While the access is the basic application of the whole Home Furnishing in security system.
With the rapid development of digital technology in the rapid development of network technology today access technology. Access control systems have already gone beyond the simple road and key management, it has gradually developed into a complete access control security management system. It sets the computer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures for the integration, and relates to the electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communications technology, biotechnology and other new technologies, to solve an important department entrance to achieve effective security management measures, applicable to all kinds of machines to department.
Access control system according to the import and identification methods can be divided into the following three categories: password identification, recognition, biometric identification card. In recent years, with the development of card technology, biometric identification technology, access control system, also got the leap type development, entered the mature period, and in safety, convenience, easy management and other aspects of each have expertise, application access control system is more and more widely. However, inside and outside of the industry, is most interested in the highest content of biological recognition technology.
Access control biological recognition: cost rate is extremely low high safety
Uniqueness can not be copied because the human body has the characteristics inherent in human body, the biometric key cannot be copied, stolen or forgotten, biological recognition than the traditional identification methods more security, confidentiality and convenience.
Biological recognition can be divided into physical feature recognition and feature recognition of two types of behavior. Physical characteristics include: fingerprint recognition, vein recognition, hand geometry recognition, retina identification, iris recognition, face recognition, DNA recognition; behavior features include: voice and signature recognition, gait recognition. Biological recognition system for sampling the biological characteristics, extraction into digital code unique characteristics, and further the code template. When people with recognition system for identity authentication interaction, identification system comparing to obtain feature template is characterized in the database, to determine the two match, so the decision to accept or reject the request identifier.
Property list from the table can be seen, compared with other biological characteristics, not easily damaged because of injury, and the repetition rate is much lower than the other features, iris tissue is more suitable for information security and access control field; features easy to trace to be manipulated to fraud, is not conducive to safety; and the vein recognition more perfect, accuracy can be comparable and iris recognition, no contact, convenient operation, wide application of the crowd.
How to choose the access control system: supplier selection is the key to look from the brand
At present, more variety of products in the market access system of, consumers in the choice of tend to see things in a blur, how to choose the high ratio of performance to price, satisfactory access control products? I think first of all, we must choose the access control system for their families, then consider the product function, product type.
Secondly, is the choice of suppliers, this is the choice of the key access control system. So, is the choice of foreign products or domestic? Access control products introduced from abroad to Chinese has 10 years of history, the design capacity and application experience Chinese own mature. In foreign countries are relatively mature, but may not be suitable for China conditions and habits; product stability, but advanced maybe less than domestic products; imported products because of tariff, production cost, labor cost and other reasons, the price is 4-10 times the domestic access.
As a consumer, it is best to buy access control system products to manufacturers designated agents and project developers, the real strength of the manufacturers, generally do not have also developed and produced, and sell products directly to consumers, especially the access control products is not a commodity, for design, construction and maintenance of the need for a certain technology, but consumers can consult the technical problems of manufacturers.
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